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Nou in Manga
Case Closed Vol. 59
Midnight Stranger Vol.  2
Give to the Heart Vol.  7
Chiro: The Star Project Vol.  5
Sweet Blood Vol.  5
Nou in Comics
Green Arrow Vol.  8 The Nightbirds
Valerian and Laureline Vol. 11 The Ghosts of Inverloch
The Survivors Vol.  3
Thunderbolts Classic Vol.  2
Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Vol.  4
Nou in Merchandise
Captain America The Winter Soldier Statue Captain America 61 cm
Suicide Squad T-Shirt In Squad Faces Size S
Suicide Squad T-Shirt Joker Tattooed Face Size L
Suicide Squad T-Shirt Joker Tattooed Face Size M
Suicide Squad T-Shirt Pose Red Text Size L
Nou in Made in RO
The Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Now) Nr.  8 (in romana)
Deadpool (Marvel Now) Nr. 13 (in romana)
Iron Man (Marvel Now) Nr. 13 (in romana)
Thor: Zeul tunetului (Marvel Now) Nr. 13 (in romana)
Nou in Novels
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Novel) Vol.  2 Ambition
Kagerou Daze Novel Vol.  4
Log Horizon Novel Vol.  5
Durarara!! Novel Vol.  4
RE: Zero Novel Vol.  1 Starting Life in Another World
Nou in Albume
Color Your Own Young Marvel