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The richness of Japan's history is renowned worldwide. The heritage of culture that its society has produced and passed on to future generations is one of Japan's greatest accomplishments. In "Introduction to Japanese Culture," you'll read an overview, through sixty-eight original and informative essays, of Japan's most notable cultural achievements, including: Religion, Zen Buddhism, arranged marriages and BushidoDrama and Art--from pottery, painting and ...]]>
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Kansai Cool: A Journey Into the Cultural Heartland of Japan https:/ Christal Whelan

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In "Kansai Cool" anthropologist, writer and filmmaker Christal Whelan offers deep insights into the clash of old and new, traditional and modern that plays out on a daily basis in Japan's ancient heartland. The western region of Japan is known as Kansai--centering around the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara, and the sprawling, modern port cities of Osaka and Kobe. Kansai is Japan's "second region" after Tokyo--and is at once home to Japan's most traditional ...]]>
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Japan: The Toothless Tiger 2nd Edition https:/ Declan Hayes

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A thoughtful analysis of the current situation Japan is facing with growing Chinese military power on the one hand, and a weakening American presence in the Asia-Pacific on the other. How will Japan cope? Hemmed in by mounting tensions with China over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands and facing nuclear threats from North Korea, what should Japan do? Should she rearm? Should she get the bomb? What are the consequences of rearming, or not rearming? These and other strategic questions are ...]]>
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Hikikomori: Adolescence Without End https:/ Saitou Tamaki

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This is the first English translation of a controversial Japanese best seller that made the public aware of the social problem of "hikikomori," or "withdrawal"--a phenomenon estimated by the author to involve as many as one million Japanese adolescents and young adults who have withdrawn from society, retreating to their rooms for months or years and severing almost all ties to the outside world. Saitō Tamaki's work of popular psychology provoked a national debate about ...]]>
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The Other Face of the Moon (Hardcover) https:/ Claude Levi-Strauss

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Gathering for the first time all of Claude Levi-Strauss s writings on Japanese civilization, "The Other Face of the Moon" forms a sustained meditation into the French anthropologist s dictum that to understand one s own culture, one must regard it from the point of view of another. Exposure to Japanese art was influential in Levi-Strauss s early intellectual growth, and between 1977 and 1988 he visited the country five times. The essays, lectures, and interviews of this volume, ...]]>
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March Was Made of Yarn: Reflections on the Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Meltdown https:/ ****

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In time for the one year anniversary of the 2011 earthquake in Japan, a collection of essays and stories by Japanese writers on the devastating disaster, its aftermath, and the resolve of a people to rebuild. On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake occurred off the northeastern coast of Japan, triggering a 50-foot tsunami that crushed everything in its path--highways, airports, villages, trains, and buses--leaving death and destruction behind, and causing a major radiation leak from ...]]>
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With Respect to the Japanese: Going to Work in Japan https:/ John Condon

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The second edition of With Respect to the Japanese discusses the salient features of Japanese values and behaviors and contrasts them with the values and characteristics of Americans while examining the cultural differences in decision-making, rhetoric, management styles, behavior in the workplace and much more. It examines the critical elements of Japanese culture that affect the way Japanese and Americans perceive and react to each other, and then offers concrete guidelines for ...]]>
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Onna Daigaku: A Treasure Box of Women's Learning https:/ Ekken Kaibara

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Onna Daigaku, a half-dogmatised precept exclusively intended for women, was written by Kaibara Ekken, the most famous moralist of Japan. It was the most popular of his works and remained so for nearly two centuries. This volume, a reprint of 'Women and Wisdom of Japan', originally published in 1905, includes a translation into English of Onna Daigaku and an evaluation of the effect it had upon the daily lives of Japanese women prior to the opening of Japan during the mid nineteenth ...]]>
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Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs https:/ Jacob Mortimer Wier Silver

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Jacob Mortimer Wier Silver was a Lieutenant in the Light Infantry, attached to the British Battalion of Royal Marines for service in Japan. During the years 1864-1865 he collected material for his book Sketches of Japanese Manners and Customs which he published in 1867. "The first feature of Japanese life that prominently presents itself to the notice of the stranger, is the number of festivals and holidays held in honour of the various deities, warriors, and sages, or in accordance with ...]]>
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The Essence of Ninjutsu https:/ Masaaki Hatsumi

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Looking back almost 1,000 years, the mists of Japan's chaotic past shroud the development of a way of life, an ancient struggle waged against fierce feudal lords who ruled the island nation with swords of steel and a code of death before dishonor. The people of the mountainous regions of what is now Iga prefecture wanted to live in peace, but their lords had other plans-so the people learned the martial arts of self-defense and used their meager farm tools as weapons against the samurai blades ...]]>
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Lafcadio Hearn's Japan: An Anthology of His Writings on the Country and Its People https:/ Lafcadio Hearn

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Over one hundred years after his death, author, translator and educator Lafcadio Hearn remains one of the best-known Westerners ever to make Japan his home. His prolific writings on things Japanese helped shape Western views on Japan well into the 20th century. This masterful anthology compiled by Donald Richie is organized into two parts. Part One, "The Land," chronicles Hearn's early years when he wrote primarily about the appearance of his new home. Part Two, "The People," records the ...]]>
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Japanese Society https:/ Chie Nakane

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"A brilliant wedding of 'national character' studies and analyses of small societies through the structural approach of British anthropology. One is of course reminded of Ruth Benedict's Chrysanthemum and the Sword which deals also with Japanese national culture. Studies by Margaret Mead and Geoffrey Gorer deal with other national cultures; however, all of these studies take off from national psychology. Professor Nakane comes to explanation of the behavior of Japanese through analysis rather of ...]]>
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The Japanese Woman: Traditional Image and Changing Reality https:/ Sumiko Iwao

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Written by a female psychology professor in Tokyo, this work aims to describe the modern Japanese woman. She is a mixture of tradition and "new attitude." She is often viewed as passive, demure, and self-sacrificing--but at the same time she can be formidable, ruling her family with unspoken power. Iwao recalls her own grandmother, who could "make two fine grown men cringe before her." The book explores many topics about womanhood--myths, motherhood, marriage, financial power, divorce, sex, ...]]>
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Geisha: Beyond the Painted Smile https:/ Peabody Essex Museum

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Renowned throughout the world as purveyors of beauty, mystery, and allure, geisha have come to represent the epitome of Japanese elegance and chic. The rich 250-year history of these performance artists is vividly presented in this volume, taking the reader behind the masklike makeup and into the studios where they train and rehearse and the teahouses where they entertain. Geisha have altered definitions of feminine beauty and identity and are the prevailing icons of Japanese womanhood. Their ...]]>
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Japan's Cultural Code Words: Key Terms That Explain the Attitudes and Behavior of the Japanese https:/ Lafayette Boye De Mente

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Westerners have traditionally been intrigued by Japanese attitudes and behaviors which have been perceived as ranging from cute, quaint, and seductive to strange and sometimes savage. The traditional dual character of the Japanese is generally attributed to cultural conditioning-strict conformity to standards set by the ruling powers and to sanctified custom-at the expense of individuality and personal freedom. Since World War II, the traditional conditioning and orientation of the Japanese has ...]]>
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Learning to Bow: Inside the Heart of Japan https:/ Bruce Feiler

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Feiler's account offers an instructive, amusing inside look at a vaunted educational system. Invited by the Japanese Ministry of Education to teach English in a junior high school, Feiler arrived, shortly after graduation from Yale, in rural Sano, 50 miles north of Tokyo, where he was the first foreigner seen by many of the city's inhabitants. Among the cultural shocks he describes is his welcome with a ritual collective outdoor bath. Noting that characteristics such as group loyalty and ...]]>
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The Japanese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Japanese Culture https:/ Roger J Davies

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n The Japanese Mind, Roger Davies offers Westerners an invaluable key to the unique aspects of Japanese culture. Readers of this book will gain a clear understanding of what really makes the Japanese, and their society, tick. Among the topics explored: aimai (ambiguity), amae (dependence upon others’ benevolence), amakudari (the nation’s descent from heaven), chinmoku (silence in communication), gambari (perseverence), giri (social obligation), haragei (literally, "belly art"; implicit, ...]]>
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The Japanese Have a Word for It: The Complete Guide to Japanese Thought and Culture https:/ Lafayette Boye De Mente

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