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Haiku poems about the natural world and the seasons are well known, but many poets have also used the haiku genre to capture the fleeting human experience. The selection presented in this book focuses on evocations of love. Combining elegant and restrained haiku with lively" senry-u" poems, all aspects of romantic love are explored with humor, satire, wit and compassion. Poems from the 1600s to the present day are beautifully illustrated with images from the unrivaled collection of ...]]>
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And the River Flowed as a Raft of Corpses https:/ Tsutomu Yamaguchi

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Chad Diehl, a Columbia University doctoral candidate, introduces Raft of Corpses as the first official translation of the tanka poetry of Yamaguchi Tsutomu (1916-2010), a survivor of both atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Chad lived with Yamaguchi in Nagasaki during the summer of 2009 to gain insight and instruction in order to create the most accurate translations possible. Chad includes in the book a lengthy introductory essay about Yamaguchi's experience to ...]]>
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1000 Poems from the Manyoshu: The Complete Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkokai Translation https:/ ****

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Dating from the eighth century and earlier, the "Manyoshu" is the oldest Japanese poetry anthology. The 1,000 poems chosen for this famous selection were chosen by a distinguished scholarly committee based on their poetic excellence, their role in revealing the Japanese national spirit and character, and their cultural and historical significance. Text is in English only.]]>
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Written on the Sky: Poems from the Japanese https:/ Eliot Weinberger

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Kenneth Rexroth was one of the pioneer American translators from the Chinese into English. From his bestselling books, One Hundred Poems from the Japanese, One Hundred More Poems from the Japanese, and Woman Poets of Japan, Eliot Weinberger (essayist, critic and translator extraordinaire) has culled the best of the best for this beautiful gift edition. Eliot Weinberger (b. NYC, 1949), is an essayist and translator. He won PEN’s first Gregory Kolovakos Award for promoting Hispanic ...]]>
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One Hundred More Poems from the Japanese https:/ Kenneth Rexroth

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Kenneth Rexroth's One Hundred Poems from the Japanese proved such an extremely popular book that he put together a sequel. These poems are representative of a large range of classical, medieval, and modern poetry, but the emphasis is on folk songs and love lyrics. And because women have had such an outstanding role in Japanese literature, included here are selections from the work, among others, of the remarkable early 20th century poet Yosano Akiko, and the more contemporary, deeply sensuous, ...]]>
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One Hundred Poems from the Japanese https:/ Kenneth Rexroth

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It is remarkable that any Westerner - even so fine a poet as Kenneth Rexroth - could have captured in translation so much of the subtle essence of classic Japanese poetry: the depth of controlled passion, the austere elegance of style, the compressed richness of imagery... The poems are drawn chiefly from the traditional "Manyoshu", "Kokinshu" and "Hyakunin Isshu" collections, but there are also examples of haiku and other later forms. The sound of the japanese texts is reproduced in Romaji ...]]>
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Women Poets of Japan https:/ Kenneth Rexroth

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From as early as the 7th century up to the present day, no other country has had so many important women poets as Japan. In this collection (originally published by The Seabury Press in 1977 as "The Burning Heart"), Kenneth Rexroth and Ikuko Atsumi have assembled representative works of 77 female poets. Starting with the Classic Period (645 - 1603 AD), characterized by the "wanka" and "tanka" styles, followed by "haiku" poets of the Tokugawa period (to ...]]>
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