Produse noi in categoria Poezie - Ultimele aparitii. Wed, 22 Nov 2017 22:28:52 +0200 Wed, 22 Nov 2017 22:28:52 +0200 Copyright 2017 30 ro The Spring of My Life And Selected Haiku https:/ Kobayashi Issa

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Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827), along with Basho and Buson, is considered one of the three greatest haiku poets of Japan, known for his attention to poignant detail and his playful sense of humor. Kobayashi Issa's most-loved work, "The Spring of My Life", is an autobiographical sketch of linked prose and haiku in the tradition of Basho's famous "Narrow Road to the Interior". In addition to "The Spring of My Life", the translator has included more than 160 of ...]]>
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Lotus Moon: The Poetry of Rengetsu (Companions for the Journey) https:/ Otagaki Rengetsu

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“One pleasure of discovering the lives and teachings of the rare women we find in the history of Buddhism is seeing how they take up the tragedies in their lives and transform them. Because their stories are less accessible — -finding someone like Rengetsu is a great gift. To sit with the poems of Rengetsu is to allow a teacher into the depth of one’s mind.” — Bonnie Myotai Treace, spiritual director of the Zen Center of New York.  At 33, Otagaki Nobu ...]]>
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Rengetsu: Life and Poetry of Lotus Moon https:/ Otagaki Rengetsu

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As a poet, potter, painter, martial artist, and Buddhist nun, Otagaki Rengetsu transformed a life of tragedy into one of artistic and spiritual transcendence, ultimately becoming one of Japan's greatest female poets. This collection features a survey of her finest poetry accompanied by a sampling of her pottery and paintings. As never before, John Stevens captures the radiant and powerful simplicity of Rengetsu's life and art in this biography and new translation of her work.]]>
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Mountain Tasting (Companions for the Journey): Haiku and Journals of Santoka Taneda https:/ Santoka Taneda

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"Mountain Tasting" gathers together a wide cross section of haiku with a selection of the diaries of the wandering Japanese poet Santoka (1882 — 1940). Santoka lived his life in the Zen hermit poetic tradition of Japan that includes Matsuo Basho, Ryokan, and Saigyo Hoshi. The open road was to become both his home and monastery. As he said, “Days I don’t enjoy: Any day I don’t walk, drink sake, and compose haiku.” John Stevens is the author or ...]]>
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For All My Walking: Free-Verse Haiku of Taneda Santoka (Hardcover) https:/ Santoka Taneda

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In April 1926, the Japanese poet Taneda Santoka (1882–1940) set off on the first of many walking trips, journeys in which he tramped thousands of miles through the Japanese countryside. These journeys were part of his religious training as a Buddhist monk as well as literary inspiration for his memorable and often painfully moving poems. The works he wrote during this time comprise a record of his quest for spiritual enlightenment. Although Santoka was master of conventional-style ...]]>
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Ryƍkan: Zen Monk-Poet of Japan https:/ Ryokan

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Ryokan (1758-1831), a Buddhist monk in the Zen sect, was a major figure in Tokugawa poetry. Though a Zen master, he never headed a temple but chose to live alone in simple huts and to support himself by begging. His poems are mainly a record of his daily activities -- of chores, lonely snowbound winters, begging expeditions to town, meetings with friends, romps with the village children. At the same time they show us how rich a spiritual and intellectual life a man could enjoy in the midst of ...]]>
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Saigyo: Poems of a Mountain Home (Revised) https:/ Saigyo

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Gathers two hundred poems by the twelfth-century Japanese poet, and offers a brief introduction to his life and the traditions of Japanese court poetry.]]>
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The Narrow Road to Oku https:/ Matsuo Basho

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In the account which he named "The Narrow Road to Oku," Basho makes a journey lasting 150 days, in which he travels, on foot, a distance of 600 ri. This was three hundred years ago, when the average distance covered by travelers was apparently 9 ri per day, so it is clear that Basho, who was forty years old at the time, possessed a remarkably sturdy pair of walking legs. Nowadays with the development of all sorts of means of transportation, travel is guaranteed to be pleasant and ...]]>
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The Classic Tradition of Haiku: An Anthology https:/ Faubion Bowers

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A highly distilled form of Japanese poetry, haiku consists of seventeen syllables, usually divided among three lines. Though brief, they tell a story or paint a vivid picture, leaving it to the reader to draw out the meanings and complete them in the mind's eye. Haiku often contains a hidden dualism (near and far, then and now, etc.) and has a seasonal tie-in, as well as specific word-images that reveal deeper layers in each poem. This unique collection spans over 400 years ...]]>
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Haiku Before Haiku: From the Renga Masters to Basho https:/ Steven D. Carter

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While the rise of the charmingly simple, brilliantly evocative haiku is often associated with the seventeenth-century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho, the form had already flourished for more than four hundred years before Basho even began to write. These early poems, known as hokku, are identical to haiku in syllable count and structure but function differently as a genre. Whereas each haiku is its own constellation of image and meaning, a hokku opens a series of linked, collaborative stanzas in a ...]]>
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Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology https:/ Steven D. Carter

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This anthology brings togethere in convenient form a rich selection of Japanese poetry in traditional genres dating back from the earliest times to the twentieth century. With more than 1,100 poems, it is the most varied and comprehensive selection of traditional Japanese poetry now available in English. Ezra Pound called poetry "the most concentrated form of verbal expression," and the great poets of Japan wrote poems as charged and compressed as poems can be. The Japanese ...]]>
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From the Country of Eight Islands: An Anthology of Japanese Poetry https:/ Hiroaki Sato

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"Excellent -- From first poem to the last one! If I could only have one book of poetry, this would be it. Stranded on a desert island? Hope to have this anthology with you. The poetry seems to have lost nothing in the translation and the presence of the translators is unfelt. The range is extraordinary (from 400 CE to present day) and all of the poetry is accessible -- with some of it being, quite literally, breath-taking (for me, anyway). There is a delight or a revelation to be found ...]]>
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For All My Walking: Free-Verse Haiku of Taneda Santoka with Excerpts from His Diaries https:/ Santoka Taneda

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In April 1926, the Japanese poet Taneda Santoka (1882–1940) set off on the first of many walking trips, journeys in which he tramped thousands of miles through the Japanese countryside. These journeys were part of his religious training as a Buddhist monk as well as literary inspiration for his memorable and often painfully moving poems. The works he wrote during this time comprise a record of his quest for spiritual enlightenment. Although Taneda Santoka was master of ...]]>
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Masaoka Shiki: Selected Poems https:/ Masaoka Shiki

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Here are graceful and timeless poems by one of Japan's greatest modern writers, rendered by a master translator. Masaoka Shiki (1867–1902) is credited with modernizing Japan's two traditional verse forms, haiku and tanka. Born at a time of social and cultural change in Japan, Shiki welcomed the new influences from the West and responded to them by reinvigorating the native haiku and tanka forms. He freed them from outdated conventions, made them viable for artistic expression in ...]]>
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Collected Haiku of Yosa Buson https:/ Yosa Buson

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"Lovers of haiku will rejoice at the arrival of this book, the first complete translation of the collected haiku of Yosa Buson... rendered into English with obvious care and devotion... Through Yosa Buson's literary works we realize what haiku is best at expressing — this moment's experience, bare facts, simple observations, elegant statements of 'thus-ness.'"— The Inquiring Mind. “Having W.S. Merwin and Takako Lento as co-translators of this book ...]]>
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The Art of Haiku: Its History through Poems and Paintings by Japanese Masters (Hardcover) https:/ Stephen Addiss

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In the past hundred years, haiku has gone far beyond its Japanese origins to become a worldwide phenomenon — with the classic poetic form growing and evolving as it has adapted to the needs of the whole range of languages and cultures that have embraced it. This proliferation of the joy of haiku is cause for celebration — but it can also compel us to go back to the beginning: to look at haiku’s development during the centuries before it was known outside Japan. This ...]]>
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Haiku: Japanese Art and Poetry (Hardcover) https:/ Judith Patt

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The strictest and purest of poetic forms, the Japanese haiku contains in its seventeen sound characters a reference to a season as well as a distinct pause or interruption. Cherry blossoms and swallows might refer to spring; red maple leaves and deer usually imply autumn. These seasonal allusions emphasize the essence of haiku: nature and its ephemeral beauty. The graceful, evocative haiku featured here were composed by the renowned Japanese haiku masters of the past four hundred years, ...]]>
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Haiku Love (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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Haiku poems about the natural world and the seasons are well known, but many poets have also used the haiku genre to capture the fleeting human experience. The selection presented in this book focuses on evocations of love. Combining elegant and restrained haiku with lively" senry-u" poems, all aspects of romantic love are explored with humor, satire, wit and compassion. Poems from the 1600s to the present day are beautifully illustrated with images from the unrivaled collection of ...]]>
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And the River Flowed as a Raft of Corpses https:/ Tsutomu Yamaguchi

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Chad Diehl, a Columbia University doctoral candidate, introduces Raft of Corpses as the first official translation of the tanka poetry of Yamaguchi Tsutomu (1916-2010), a survivor of both atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Chad lived with Yamaguchi in Nagasaki during the summer of 2009 to gain insight and instruction in order to create the most accurate translations possible. Chad includes in the book a lengthy introductory essay about Yamaguchi's experience to ...]]>
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1000 Poems from the Manyoshu: The Complete Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkokai Translation https:/ ****

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Dating from the eighth century and earlier, the "Manyoshu" is the oldest Japanese poetry anthology. The 1,000 poems chosen for this famous selection were chosen by a distinguished scholarly committee based on their poetic excellence, their role in revealing the Japanese national spirit and character, and their cultural and historical significance. Text is in English only.]]>
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