Produse noi in categoria Origami si craft - Ultimele aparitii. Thu, 19 Oct 2017 14:05:41 +0300 Thu, 19 Oct 2017 14:05:41 +0300 Copyright 2017 30 ro Densho Origami: Traditional Japanese Figures for Everyone https:/ ****

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Thirty-five basic and popular origami figures, with over 500 highly-detailed, 3-D computer-generated instructional diagrams. Origami is a beloved way to communicate in Japan, a way for children, parents, and grandparents to spend time together over cheerful conversation. Children give it to each other as a mark of friendship. Even adults give origami to supplement a main gift, writing a short message on it. Origami can be a heartwarming present for a sick friend in hospital, encouraging ...]]>
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Japanese Flowers in Applique https:/ Eileen Campbell

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Eileen Campbell has skillfully captured the flowers of Japan in a single exhibition quilt. Here, she shares her easy-to-follow techniques for creating each of these amazing blooms, giving crafters everything they need to recreate her exquisite piece, develop a single flower quilt, or stitch their own vision of floral beauty.]]>
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How to Make Origami Airplanes That Fly https:/ Gery Hsu

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The ancient art of origami and modern technology are combined to construct origami airplanes that actually fly. The author gives detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating each of 12 different models: space shuttle, futuristic shuttle, flying wing, delta wing-jet fighter plane; double tail fighter, and more.]]>
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Easy Origami https:/ John Montroll

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Charming collection of 32 projects (hat, cup, pelican, piano, swan, many more) designed for the novice origami hobbyist. Clearly illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions ensure that even beginning papercrafters will achieve successful results.]]>
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Origami Menagerie: 21 Challenging Models https:/ Manuel Sirgo Alvarez

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Experienced paperfolders will welcome this inventive collection of intricate, realistic models of animals and insects, including a sea lion, macaw, narwhal, stingray, crocodile, scorpion, and other creatures. Five levels of difficulty range from intermediate to extremely advanced. More than 2,000 illustrations -- 35 of them in color -- offer detailed directions.]]>
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Favorite Animals in Origami https:/ John Montroll

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Graded according to difficulty, the projects in this book include charming versions of a cat, deer, elephant, seal, walrus, mink, bear, and five other creatures. Clear, easy-to-follow explanations of symbols and basic folds help paperfolding enthusiasts successfully complete each project. 300+ diagrams.]]>
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Decorative Origami Boxes https:/ Rick Beech

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Forget the giftwrap -- these unique boxes are perfect for gift-giving. In fact, they're handmade gifts all by themselves! Beech, a well-known British origami expert, has created fifteen different patterns, along with some lid variations and decorative accents, offering a useful, affordable way to expand your origami repertoire. Step-by-step diagrams included throughout.]]>
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Origami Jewelry: More Than 40 Exquisite Designs to Fold and Wear https:/ Ayako Brodek

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With precise instructions and vivid, four-color photographs, Ayako Brodek shows readers how to create 40 elegant and unusual pieces of jewelry. Each project includes a list of materials, illustrated step-by-step folding and finishing instructions, a beautiful photo of the completed piece, and suggested color variations, paper designs and embellishments to make each piece exciting and unique. Kodansha America]]>
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Storytime Origami https:/ John Montroll

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Beginning to advanced folders can bring four classic children's stories to life with the origami models in this delightful new book from Dover's bestselling origami author. Thirty-seven different models re-create characters and scenes from "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "The Three Little Pigs," "Humpty-Dumpty," and "Cinderella."]]>
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Absolute Beginner's Origami: The Simple Three-Stage Guide to Creating Expert Origami https:/ Nick Robinson

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Foolproof origami--now in paperback! More than 30,000 copies sold Love origami, but frightened off by those strange dotted lines and shaded areas that make it seem like a bizarre geometry exercise? Absolute Beginner's Origami calms those fears, using a remarkable three-step system and step-by-step full-color photos to guide readers into the basics of folding, through intermediate steps, and on to putting it all together to make real origami. Twenty enchanting designs are presented in three ...]]>
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Complete Origami: An A-Z Facts and Folds, with Step-By-Step Instructions for Over 100 Projects https:/ Eric Kenneway

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This comprehensive guide combines detailed practical advice on paper folding with delightful projects and little-known facts about the history and art of origami. Includes 40 full-color and 100 two-color illustrations and 300 step-by-step diagrams for producing professional-looking projects.]]>
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Origami in Action https:/ Robert J Lang

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One of the world's top origami creators presents 39 origami projects, rangingfrom beginner to advanced levels, and including such traditional favorites asTyrannosaurus Rex, a cootie catcher, and the waterbomb. Each of the models istrue origami, folded from a single sheet of paper, with no cutting or gluing.39 photos.]]>
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Advanced Origami: An Artist's Guide to Performances in Paper https:/ Michael G LaFosse

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"Advanced Origami" provides unparalleled instruction in how to create master-class level paper folding projects. The origami designs are challenging-they require considerable folding experience-but the results are more art than craft-you'll create projects that you can display or give as gifts. Sophisticated origami or paper crafts fans will appreciate the ten unique origami designs included in the book--with complete how-to instructions and photographs. The book also features ...]]>
Wed, 16 Sep 2009 22:07:48 +0300 https:/
Origami Zoo: An Amazing Collection of Folded Paper Animals https:/ Robert J Lang

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The authors, both well-known origami enthusiasts, explain basic origami folds and provide illustrated step-by-step instructions for each model. An exciting collection of projects from the exotic to the familiar. Black-and-white photographs and line drawings.]]>
Wed, 16 Sep 2009 19:58:36 +0300 https:/
Origami Insects https:/ Robert J Lang

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Noted origamist presents step-by-step instructions and diagrams for 20 challenging projects: treehopper, spotted ladybug, orb weaver, tarantula, butterfly, grasshopper, dragonfly, praying mantis, more. Intermediate to advanced level.]]>
Wed, 16 Sep 2009 19:31:13 +0300 https:/
How to Wrap Five Eggs: Traditional Japanese Packaging https:/ Hideyuki Oka

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Traditional Japanese packaging is an art form that applies sophisticated design and natural aesthetics to simple objects. In this elegant presentation of the baskets, boxes, wrappers, and containers that were used in ordinary, day-to-day life, we are offered a stunning example of a time before mass production. Largely constructed of bamboo, rice straw, hemp twine, paper, and leaves, all of the objects shown here are made from natural materials. Through 221 black-and-white photographs of ...]]>
Sun, 10 May 2009 00:00:00 +0300 https:/