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Explore the art of Rodrigo Melo\'s Japanese style tattoos through more than 150 lush studio photographs of bodysuits, rib pieces, back pieces, and sleeves featuring traditional themes and imagery. See peonies, koi, tigers, dragons, and characters from Buddhist mythology presented in authentic form and color but with some modern techniques and stylings, like the use of "angry black" to increase contrast. In addition to the body art pieces, this contemporary study of traditional ...]]>
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Four Seasons of Mt. Fuji https:/ Yukio Ohyama

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Japan’s highest peak, Mt. Fuji lies approximately in the center of Japan. Standing in splendid isolation from summit to foot, it presents a vision of well-proportioned beauty even from afar. Fuji also rewards the viewer with diverse vistas depending on the time of day, season, and weather conditions. Reaching its present size following countless millennia of volcanic activity, achieving such growth independently makes Fuji unusual for a peak of its height. Not only the geographical ...]]>
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The Japanese Tattoo https:/ Sandi Fellman

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American photographer Sandi Fellman used a rare large size Polaroid camera to create these photos of Irezumi Japanese men and women who wear elaborate full-body tattoos. Fellman treats the tattoos as artworks and their creators as artists. Her text touches on the tattooing process, common motifs, the sociology of the tattoo, and relationships between the tattoo masters and their clients. Author D.M. Thomas has contributed two pages of his reactions to these unusual and even disturbing images. ...]]>
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