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Bushido, The Soul of Japan is, along with the classic text Hagakure by Tsunetomo Yamamoto, a study of the way of the samurai. A best-seller in its day, it was read by many influential foreigners, among them President Theodore Roosevelt, President John F. Kennedy and Robert Baden-Powell. It may well have shaped Baden-Powell's ideas on the Boy Scout movement he founded.As Japan underwent deep transformations of its traditional lifestyle while forging into a modern nation, Nitobe ...]]>
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The Book of Five Rings https:/ Miyamoto Musashi

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Miyamoto Musashi\'s Go Rin no Sho or the book of five rings, is considered a classic treatise on military strategy, much like Sun Tzu\'s The Art of War and Chanakya\'s Arthashastra.The five "books" refer to the idea that there are different elements of battle, just as there are different physical elements in life, as described by Buddhism, Shinto, and other Eastern religions. Through the book Musashi defends his thesis: a man who conquers himself is ready to take it on on the ...]]>
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Hagakure: Book of the Samurai https:/ Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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Hagakure (Ky jitai: Shinjitai: meaning In the shadow the Leaves or hidden leaves.), is a practical and spiritual guide for a warrior, drawn from a collection of commentaries by the samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo, a former retainer to Nabeshima Mitsushige, the third ruler of what is now the Saga prefecture in Japan.Tsuramoto Tashiro compiled these commentaries from his conversations with Tsunetomo from 1709 to 1716 and recorded Tsunetomo's views on bushido, the warrior code of the ...]]>
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Zen and Japanese Culture https:/ Daisetz T Suzuki

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"Zen and Japanese Culture" is one of the twentieth century's leading works on Zen, and a valuable source for those wishing to understand its concepts in the context of Japanese life and art. In simple, often poetic, language, Daisetz Suzuki describes his conception of Zen and its historical evolution. He connects Zen to the philosophy of the samurai, and subtly portrays the relationship between Zen and swordsmanship, haiku, tea ceremonies, and the Japanese love of nature. Suzuki's contemplative ...]]>
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Narrow Road to the Interior (and Other Writings) https:/ Matsuo Basho

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Here is the most complete single-volume collection of the writings of one of the great luminaries of Asian literature. Basho (1644–1694)—who elevated the haiku to an art form of utter simplicity and intense spiritual beauty—is best known in the West as the author of Narrow Road to the Interior, a travel diary of linked prose and haiku that recounts his journey through the far northern provinces of Japan. This volume includes a masterful translation of this celebrated work ...]]>
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Shinto: The Kami Way https:/ Sokyo Ono

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"An excellently rounded introduction by an eminent Shinto scholar". (Library Journal)Shinto, the indigenous faith of the Japanese people, continues to fascinate and mystify both the casual visitor to Japan and the long-time resident. This wonderful introduction unveils Shinto's spiritual characteristics and discusses the architecture and function of Shinto shrines. Further examination of Shinto's lively festivals, worship, music and sacred regalia illustrates Shinto's influence on all levels of ...]]>
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Bushido: Samurai Ethics and the Soul of Japan https:/ Inazo Nitobe

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In this eloquent work, Nitobé eloquently explains the persistence of feudal Japan's morals, ethics, and etiquette into modern times. He takes a far-reaching approach, drawing examples from indigenous traditions — Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, and the philosophies of samurai and sages — as well as from ancient and modern Western thinkers.]]>
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Bushido: The Way of the Samurai https:/ Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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In eighteenth-century Japan, Tsunetomo Yamamoto created the Hagakure, a document that served as the basis for samurai warrior behavior. Its guiding principles greatly influenced the Japanese ruling class and shaped the underlying character of the Japanese psyche, from businessmen to soldiers. Bushido is the first English translation of the Hagakure. This work provides a powerful message aimed at the mind and spirit of the samurai warrior. It offers beliefs that are difficult for the Western ...]]>
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