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In an "other world" composed of language--it could be a fathomless Martian well, a labyrinthine hotel or forest--a narrative unfolds, and with it the experiences, memories, and dreams that constitute reality for Haruki Murakami's characters and readers alike. Memories and dreams in turn conjure their magical counterparts--people without names or pasts, fantastic animals, half-animals, and talking machines that traverse the dark psychic underworld of this writer's extraordinary ...]]>
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The Kojiki: Records of Ancient Matters https:/ Basil Hall Chamberlain

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Written by imperial command in the 8th century, the "Kojiki" (Records of Ancient Matters) is Japan's classic of classics, the oldest connected literary work and the fundamental scripture of Shinto. Accepted as fact until quite recently, it is a key to the historical roots of the Japanese people - their early life and the development of their character and institutions - as well as a lively mixture of legend and history, genealogy and poetry. It stands as one of the greatest ...]]>
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