Produse noi in categoria Carti pentru copii - Ultimele aparitii. Thu, 21 Sep 2017 08:09:29 +0300 Thu, 21 Sep 2017 08:09:29 +0300 Copyright 2017 30 ro Ancient Japan: Step Back to the Time of Shoguns and Samurai, with 15 Step-By-Step Projects (Hardcover) https:/ Fiona MacDonald

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Discover the amazing Japanese civilization and learn about a culture that has existed for thousands of years. Facts and features combine with 15 practical projects that enable you to re-create the past - wear a dramatic theatrical mask, fly a carp streamer, decorate an elaborate Japanese screen, and make a magnificent helmet fit for a samurai warrior.]]>
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The Moon Princess (Kodansha Children's Bilingual Classics) (Hardcover) https:/ Ralph McCarthy

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An old bamboo cutter finds a tiny child in the hollow of a bamboo stalk. Thus begins the beloved story of the Moon Princess, whose unearthly beauty brings her fame and would-be husbands from throughout the land, but whose destiny shines far off in the sky. The delicate color and detail of Kancho Oda's illustrations, painted over half a century ago, create a mood of charm and mystery, admirably accompanied by the lilting verse of writer, translator, and lyricist Ralph F. McCarthy.]]>
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Circus Day in Japan: Bilingual English and Japanese Text https:/ Eleanor Coerr

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"Circus Day in Japan" is the warmly-illustrated story of an exciting day spent by two Japanese children, Joji-chan and Koko-chan, at a circus. Joji-chan and Koko-chan delight at the new sights of their first circus, and young readers are gently introduced to Japanese sites and customs. The simple text and artwork provide a nostalgic window into Japanese family life in the early 1950s. The new Japanese translation makes this classic book accessible to a new generation of both ...]]>
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Kintaro's Adventures and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories https:/ Florence Sakade

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Singing turtles, a boy who wrestles wolves and a host of other beloved characters can be found in "Kintaro's Adventures and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories." This lovely volume contains six stories, including "How to Fool a Cat," "The Princess and the Herdboy" and "Kintaro's Adventures." Florence Sakade was an experienced editor and author of numerous books about Japan, including Urashima Taro and Other Japanese Children's Favorite Stories and ...]]>
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Kamishibai Man (children 9-12) https:/ Allen Say

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An elderly kamishibai (paper theater) man decides to return to the city and spend the day on his former rounds. His wife makes candies for him, just as in the past, and he sets off on his bicycle. Things have changed–there's traffic with honking horns and he wonders, Who needs to buy so many things and eat so many different foods? when he sees the shops and restaurants replacing beautiful trees that have been cut. He sets up his theater and begins to tell his personal story of being a ...]]>
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Japanese Designs (children 5-10) https:/ Y.S.Green

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This ready-to-color collection of 30 full-page designs depicts popular motifs in the best Japanese artistic tradition — from highly stylized creatures of the sea and air to lush blossoms and sinister dragons. A delight for colorists of all ages, a versatile source of inspiration and royalty-free art for designers, artists, and craft workers.]]>
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Japanese Kimono Paper Dolls in Full Color (children 5-10) https:/ Sun Ming-Ju

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2 dolls with 26 exquisite kimonos rich in Japanese tradition, culture, art.]]>
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Traditional Japanese Fashions Paper Dolls (children 5-10) https:/ Sun Ming-Ju

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Two female figures are waiting to be garbed in formal court dress of the Ashikaga period (1338-1573): a pleated trouser skirt, kimonos with floral and bird designs, a traditional Japanese bridal dress, and modern formal robes. These lovely, authentic costumes will delight paper doll fans, collectors, costume designers.16 full-color plates of costumes.]]>
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