Produse noi in categoria Calatorii prin Japonia - Ultimele aparitii. Sun, 22 Oct 2017 23:51:37 +0300 Sun, 22 Oct 2017 23:51:37 +0300 Copyright 2017 30 ro Cool Japan: A Guide to Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku and Japanese Culture Past and Present https:/ Sumiko Kajiyama

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Explore the heart of Japanese culture with this three-part travel guide. First, visit Kyoto, where you will discover one thousand years of history from the ancient love story the Tale of Genji to the traditional tea ceremony. Then head to Tokyo to experience Japan's cutting-edge capital, where the twenty-first-century kawaii culture collides with landmarks like the Kabuki-za Theater and the Imperial Palace. For a different perspective, venture outside the city to the seaside towns of Tohoku, ...]]>
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A Geek in Japan https:/ Hector Garcia

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For every fan of manga, anime, J-pop, or Zen, "A Geek in Japan" is a hip, smart and concise guide to the land that is their source. Comprehensive and well informed, it covers a wide array of topics in short articles accompanied by sidebars and numerous photographs, providing a lively digest of the society and culture of Japan. Designed to appeal to the generations of Westerners who grew up on Pokemon, manga and video games, "A Geek in Japan" reinvents the culture guide ...]]>
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Tokyo on Foot: Travels in the City's Most Colorful Neighborhoods https:/ Florent Chavouet

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Florent Chavouet, a young graphic artist, spent six months exploring Tokyo while his girlfriend interned at a company there. Each day he would set forth, with a pouch full of colored pencils and a sketchpad, to visit different neighborhoods. This stunning book records the city that he got to know during his adventures, a gritty, vibrant place, full of ordinary people going about their daily lives. Realistically rendered city views or posters of pop stars contrast with cartoon sketches of ...]]>
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Tokyo City Guide 6th Edition https:/ Carine Tracanelli

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City Guide Tokyo offers comprehensive travel advice for what to do and where to go in one of Asia's most fast-paced cities. Engaging and inspirationalHistory and Culture chapters explain the city's intriguing and proud past, and the factors influencing contemporary society. The fashion scene, architectural treasures and local cuisine are fully explored so that visitors can gain a sense of how Tokyo's distinctive character and culture have been shaped. The Best of Tokyo section gives ...]]>
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Drinking Japan: A Guide to Japan's Best Drinks and Drinking Establishments (Hardcover) https:/ Chris Bunting

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Japan is the home to some of the most delightful and taste provoking liquors in the world, from the iconic sake to the increasingly popular shoshu to some of the best whiskies distilled. In "Drinking Japan," author Chris Bunting gives a brief history of the most popular liquors of Japan, how they are made and which brands to imbibe and which to avoid. Also included are the locations of Japan's best bars and what they have to offer in the way of liquor, food and ambiance.]]>
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Getting Around Tokyo Pocket Atlas and Transportation Guide: Includes Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kamakura, Narita and Hakone https:/ Lafayette Boye De Mente

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Tokyo and Yokohama are incredibly difficult cities to navigate due to the lack of street names, main thoroughfares and addresses that don't correspond to anything! Tokyo Pocket Atlas and Transportation Guide is a unique guide that provides precise directions to over 600 individual destinations in the most popular business, entertainment, hotel and shopping areas in Tokyo.]]>
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Japan Made Easy 3rd Ed. https:/ Lafayette Boye De Mente

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Enjoy a successful trip to Japan by having an understanding of its fascinating culture "Japan Made Easy" contains essential information, practical advice, and hundreds of dos and don'ts that help you get the most of your business or vacation trips to Japan. This book covers hundreds of the little things that often make the difference between a wonderful experience and a terrible one. Organized into chapters that focus on practical concerns for travelers to Japan, such as hotels, ...]]>
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Tokyo Underground 2: Toy and Design Culture in Tokyo (Hardcover) https:/ Brian Flynn

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The definitive book on toy shopping in Tokyo is back! Updated and expanded, this refreshing guidebook covers the essentials of travel to Japan without getting bogged down by extraneous information. Dispelling a few common myths along the way, Tokyo Underground 2 leads you on a highly entertaining tour of the neighborhoods in Tokyo known for toys and pop culture. To make the most of your time there, the stores highlighted within are ranked in terms of their importance and contain helpful ...]]>
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T Is for Tokyo (Hardcover) https:/ Irene Akio

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As a father tells his daughter about her birthplace, he describes Tokyo in language as colorful as the glowing watercolors that showcase this vibrant city. His story is both tender and descriptive, complemented by full- and double-paged illustrations. From making wishes with "daruma" dolls and flying kites shaped like caterpillars to discovering the two-toed shoes of construction workers and nibbling on roasted chestnuts, Tokyo springs to life in a way guaranteed to enchant young readers--and ...]]>
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36 Views of Mount Fuji: On Finding Myself in Japan https:/ Cathy N Davidson

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In 1980 Cathy N. Davidson traveled to Japan to teach English at a leading all-women's university. It was the first of many journeys and the beginning of a deep and abiding fascination. In this extraordinary book, Davidson depicts a series of intimate moments and small epiphanies that together make up a panoramic view of Japan. With wit, candor, and a lover's keen eye, she tells captivating stories--from that of a Buddhist funeral laden with ritual to an exhilarating evening spent touring the ...]]>
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Shopping Guide to Japan: What to Buy, Where to Buy It, and How to Get the Most Out of Your Yen! https:/ Lafayette Boye De Mente

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Japan is the shopping capital of the world—unequalled in the number, variety and convenience of its shops, malls and street arcades! The Shopping Guide to Japan clearly illustrates how the Japanese genius for organization, efficiency and customer service has put them at the forefront in the world of shopping. Japan is a shoppers’ paradise, and this book succinctly explains all the ins and outs to making the most of your Japanese shopping experience. Boyé Lafayette De Mente worked for ...]]>
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