Produse noi in categoria Arta - Ultimele aparitii. Sun, 23 Jul 2017 19:32:36 +0300 Sun, 23 Jul 2017 19:32:36 +0300 Copyright 2017 30 ro Hiroshige (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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This book contains 120 of Hiroshige’s most amazing prints and combines them with valuable comments. Its didactic structure enables the reader to become easily acquainted with the impressive work of this famous Japanese artist. If the charming "Country of the Rising Sun" were to, unfortunately, sink into the depths of the ocean due to one of the volcanic eruptions which threaten to destroy it, it would continue to live on through the magical brush of Utagawa Hiroshige. By ...]]>
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The Artist's Touch, the Craftsman's Hand (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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"The Artist\'s Touch, the Craftsman\'s Hand" presents a selection of the most historically important and visually compelling Japanese prints from a collection of more than 2,500 works spanning the late 17th century to the present day. Many are extremely rare and almost all appear here in an English-language publication for the first time. Noteworthy areas of interest include early actor prints, dating back to the first decade of the 18th century; works by Suzuki Harunobu, the ...]]>
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Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody's Fool (Hardcover) https:/ Melissa Chiu

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Created in partnership with Asia Society Museum in conjunction with a major retrospective, this is the first comprehensive monograph on the work of art superstar Yoshitomo Nara. It assembles 20 years worth of paintings, sculptures, and drawings that map the evolution of one of the most influential and internationally renowned artists working today. The book and exhibition will draw connections between Nara's work and the sensibilities of youth subcultures worldwide, focusing on ...]]>
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Japanese Circular Ornamental Designs (With CDROM) https:/ ****

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Filled with deep, rich colors and delicate natural ornamentation, these diverse circular designs have been selected from a rare source. A visual feast for lovers of Japanese art.Includes bonus CD-ROM.]]>
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Collecting Japanese Antiques https:/ Alistair Seton

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An excellent overview of the Japanese aesthetic, an aesthetic unique to that island nation. Antique hunters will benefit from the practical and cautionary advice in this book; newcomers will appreciate information on the basics of collecting; while other sections might reawaken interest in experienced collectors, all supplemented with beautiful photographs.]]>
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Japan: Season by Season https:/ Sandrine Bailly

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Illustrations and photographs, each paired with an eloquent quotation, take the reader on a tour of the Land of the Rising Sun in "Japan." The images include some of the earliest photographs taken in Japan, in addition to the work of contemporary photographers, plus traditional and modern prints and designs. The accompanying texts are taken from classic works like "The Tale of Genji," as well as more modern literature, each one revealing a piece of wisdom from the East for each season of ...]]>
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120 Japanese Prints with CDROM https:/ Hiroshige Hokusai

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Much admired and highly prized worldwide, the romantically idealized figures and objects in this superb collection of Japanese prints depict a wide range of subjects — from courtesans, geishas, and samurai to flora and fauna, seascapes, and views of Mt. Fuji. 120 full-color images.]]>
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100 Japanese Stencil Designs https:/ Friedrich Deneken

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The natural Japanese affinity for decorative art is apparent in this striking collection of 104 exquisite stencil designs, reproduced from a rare 19th-century publication. Motifs depict — among other subjects — lush florals, bamboo branches, birds on the wing, and rustic country homes. Captions identify the patterns.]]>
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Shin Hanga: The New Print Movement in Japan https:/ Barry Till

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The shin hanga (“new print”) movement flourished in Japan for almost fifty years after being set in motion and nurtured by publisher Watanabe Shozaburo (1885–1962). Employing the traditional “ukiyo-e quartet”—a production system consisting of artists, carvers, printers, and publishers—shin hanga attracted Western as well as native artists. The studio teams created woodblock prints that updated traditional ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) prints by including Kabuki ...]]>
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Japan Style https:/ Gian Carlo Calza

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Japan Style, written by one of the world's most respected scholars of Japanese art and culture, is an authoritative and wide-ranging visual essay on the aesthetics of Japan.It serves as a unique handbook that aids an understanding of Japanese culture through its architecture, arts, crafts, cinema, and literature. It gives an insight into the essence of Japanese culture, identifying its specific qualities and characteristics from ukiyo-e to Tadao Ando. The author draws connections between art, ...]]>
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A Year in Japan https:/ Kate T Williamson

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This delicately crafted artist's journal offers colorful impressions of a young woman's extended visit in Kyoto, Japan. Williamson's watercolors are playful, bright and spare, and each section illustrates a theme or topic that has inspired the artist/author over her travels to a country devoted to attention to detail. For example, Williamson explores numerous rituals of dining, such as offering a guest green tea accompanied by a piece of wagashi, or bean paste confection, and illustrates over ...]]>
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History of Japanese Art https:/ Penelope E Mason

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Japanese art, like so many expressions of Japanese culture, is fascinatingly rich in its contrasts and paradoxes. Since the country opened its doors to the outside world in the mid-nineteenth century. Japanese art and culture have enjoyed an immense popularity in the West. When in 1993 renowned scholar Penelope Mason wrote the the first edition of "History of Japanese Art," it was the first such volume in thirty yearsto chart a detailed overview of the subject. It remains the only comprehensive ...]]>
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Hiroshige's Journey in the 60-Odd Provinces https:/ Marije Jansen

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Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) designed a series of seventy landscapes depicting the provinces of Japan between 1854 and 1856. It was the first in a number of sets from the highly productive years of his later life.]]>
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Japanese Prints (from The Art Institute of Chicago) https:/ James T Ulak

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The Art Institute of Chicago houses one of the world's most beautiful and comprehensive collections of Japanese woodblock prints in the world. Clarence Buckingham, of the famed Chicago family, donated 12,000 prints alone. The book covers this exquisite collection of work from the 17th to 19th centuries in four sections: Primitives, Courtesans, Actors, and Landscapes. It includes work by well-known masters such as Hiroshige, Hokusia, and Utamaro, as well as lesser-known talents such as ...]]>
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