Produse noi in categoria Arta - Ultimele aparitii. Thu, 21 Sep 2017 07:56:02 +0300 Thu, 21 Sep 2017 07:56:02 +0300 Copyright 2017 30 ro Heart of the Brush: The Splendor of East Asian Calligraphy https:/ Kazuaki Tanahashi

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Its history, techniques, aesthetics, and philosophy — with an in-depth practical guide to understanding and drawing 150 characters. A guide to the history and enjoyment of Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy that offers the possibility of appreciating it in a hands-on way — with step-by-step instructions for brushing 150 classic characters. This book is a comprehensive and accessible Introduction to the History and Art of Calligraphy as it's been practiced for centuries in ...]]>
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The Sumi-E Book https:/ Yolanda Mayhall

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This ancient Japanese technique is ideal for teaching art to the beginner because the student is quickly able to create successful paintings with four basic brushstrokes. Mastery of Sumi-e leads to new levels of creativity. Sumi-e, translated from Japanese as "ink picture", is an ideal vehicle for teaching art to any beginner. This introduction to Sumi-e is organized simply and clearly around its four basic brush strokes. Contains 120 illustrations.]]>
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Shodo: The Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy (Hardcover) https:/ Shozo Sato

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In this beautiful and extraordinary Zen Calligraphy book, Shozo Sato, an internationally recognized Master of Traditional Zen Arts, teaches the Art of Japanese Calligraphy through the power and wisdom of Zen poetry. Single-line Zen Buddhist koan aphorisms, or Zengo, are one of the most common subjects for the Traditional Japanese Brush Calligraphy known as Shodo. Regarded as one of the key disciplines in fostering the focused, meditative state of mind so essential to Zen, Shodo ...]]>
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Ikebana: The Art of Arranging Flowers https:/ Shozo Sato

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The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging ! Ikebana, or Japanese flower arranging, is more than simply putting flowers in a container. Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living thing, where nature and humanity are brought together. Written by renowned Ikebana expert Shozo Sato, "Ikebana: The Art of Arranging Flowers" is a classic Ikebana text updated for modern readers. Ikebana History and Styles ! "Ikebana: The Art of Arranging Flowers" ...]]>
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Ikebana: Create beautiful flower arrangements with this traditional Japanese Art (Asian Arts and Crafts For Creative Kids) (Hardcover) https:/ Shozo Sato

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Using colorful illustrations this multicultural children's book introduces readers to Japanese Ikebana. Ikebana, the ancient Japanese Art of Flower Arranging, has never been easier — or more fun! This colorful, easy–to–follow guide will walk you through the steps of 10 different Ikebana projects. Before you know it, you'll be creating your very own unique and beautiful flower arrangements. Creating flower arrangements is a great way to explore this time-honored ...]]>
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Tea Ceremony: Explore the unique Japanese tradition of sharing Tea (Asian Arts and Crafts For Creative Kids) (Hardcover) https:/ Shozo Sato

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Explore one of Japan's most beautiful traditions while entertaining your family and friends! "Tea Ceremony: Explore the unique Japanese tradition of sharing Tea" is an exciting and fun way to introduce Asian culture to kids. Readers will learn all the steps for performing a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. With this book kids will be able to: - Perform the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony at home through easy-to-follow instructions. - Explore all the elements of ...]]>
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Sumi-E: The Art of Japanese Ink Painting (Hardcover) https:/ Shozo Sato

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In this Japanese Ink Painting book renowned Japanese Master Shozo Sato offers his own personal teaching on the beautiful art of Sumi-e painting. "Sumi-e: The Art of Japanese Ink Painting" provides step-by-step, photo-by-photo instructions to guide learners in the correct form, motions and techniques of Japanese Sumi-e painting. Featuring gorgeous images and practical advice, it includes guided instructions for 35 different paintings. From waterfalls to bamboo, learners paint ...]]>
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The Art of Sumi-e: Beautiful Ink Painting Using Japanese Brushwork https:/ Naomi Okamoto

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In this beautiful book, Naomi Okamoto passes on her experience and knowledge of Sumi-e – traditional Japanese ink painting that uses only ink, white space and simple brushstrokes to capture the essence of an object, person, animal or scene. With her deep understanding of both the technical and spiritual aspects of this ancient art, she guides the reader expertly through the materials required and the techniques involved, successfully conveying as she does so the cultural and historical ...]]>
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Japanese Ink Painting: The Art of Sumi-e https:/ Naomi Okamoto

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Here is everything you need to get started in the art of Sumi-e -- Japanese ink painting. All materials and techniques are covered, including grinding ink, handling the brush for maximum control, composing pictures, even carving a soapstone or wooden seal for signing your work, and mounting a finished painting. Stunning examples of ink paintings are shown in full color. “This study of Japanese ink painting is as much about philosophy and poetry as it is about putting brush to ...]]>
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Absolutely on Music: Conversations with Seiji Osawa (Hardcover) https:/ Haruki Murakami

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A deeply personal, intimate conversation about music and writing between the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author and the former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In "Absolutely on Music", internationally Haruki Murakami sits down with his friend Seiji Ozawa, the revered former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, for a series of conversations on their shared passion: music. Over the course of two years, Murakami and Ozawa discuss everything from Brahms ...]]>
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Hiroshige (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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This book contains 120 of Hiroshige’s most amazing prints and combines them with valuable comments. Its didactic structure enables the reader to become easily acquainted with the impressive work of this famous Japanese artist. If the charming "Country of the Rising Sun" were to, unfortunately, sink into the depths of the ocean due to one of the volcanic eruptions which threaten to destroy it, it would continue to live on through the magical brush of Utagawa Hiroshige. By ...]]>
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The Artist's Touch, the Craftsman's Hand (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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"The Artist\'s Touch, the Craftsman\'s Hand" presents a selection of the most historically important and visually compelling Japanese prints from a collection of more than 2,500 works spanning the late 17th century to the present day. Many are extremely rare and almost all appear here in an English-language publication for the first time. Noteworthy areas of interest include early actor prints, dating back to the first decade of the 18th century; works by Suzuki Harunobu, the ...]]>
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Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody's Fool (Hardcover) https:/ Melissa Chiu

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Created in partnership with Asia Society Museum in conjunction with a major retrospective, this is the first comprehensive monograph on the work of art superstar Yoshitomo Nara. It assembles 20 years worth of paintings, sculptures, and drawings that map the evolution of one of the most influential and internationally renowned artists working today. The book and exhibition will draw connections between Nara's work and the sensibilities of youth subcultures worldwide, focusing on ...]]>
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Japanese Circular Ornamental Designs (With CDROM) https:/ ****

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Filled with deep, rich colors and delicate natural ornamentation, these diverse circular designs have been selected from a rare source. A visual feast for lovers of Japanese art.Includes bonus CD-ROM.]]>
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Collecting Japanese Antiques https:/ Alistair Seton

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An excellent overview of the Japanese aesthetic, an aesthetic unique to that island nation. Antique hunters will benefit from the practical and cautionary advice in this book; newcomers will appreciate information on the basics of collecting; while other sections might reawaken interest in experienced collectors, all supplemented with beautiful photographs.]]>
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Japan: Season by Season https:/ Sandrine Bailly

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Illustrations and photographs, each paired with an eloquent quotation, take the reader on a tour of the Land of the Rising Sun in "Japan." The images include some of the earliest photographs taken in Japan, in addition to the work of contemporary photographers, plus traditional and modern prints and designs. The accompanying texts are taken from classic works like "The Tale of Genji," as well as more modern literature, each one revealing a piece of wisdom from the East for each season of ...]]>
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120 Japanese Prints with CDROM https:/ Hiroshige Hokusai

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Much admired and highly prized worldwide, the romantically idealized figures and objects in this superb collection of Japanese prints depict a wide range of subjects — from courtesans, geishas, and samurai to flora and fauna, seascapes, and views of Mt. Fuji. 120 full-color images.]]>
Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 +0200 https:/
100 Japanese Stencil Designs https:/ Friedrich Deneken

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The natural Japanese affinity for decorative art is apparent in this striking collection of 104 exquisite stencil designs, reproduced from a rare 19th-century publication. Motifs depict — among other subjects — lush florals, bamboo branches, birds on the wing, and rustic country homes. Captions identify the patterns.]]>
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Shin Hanga: The New Print Movement in Japan https:/ Barry Till

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The shin hanga (“new print”) movement flourished in Japan for almost fifty years after being set in motion and nurtured by publisher Watanabe Shozaburo (1885–1962). Employing the traditional “ukiyo-e quartet”—a production system consisting of artists, carvers, printers, and publishers—shin hanga attracted Western as well as native artists. The studio teams created woodblock prints that updated traditional ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) prints by including Kabuki ...]]>
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Japan Style https:/ Gian Carlo Calza

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Japan Style, written by one of the world's most respected scholars of Japanese art and culture, is an authoritative and wide-ranging visual essay on the aesthetics of Japan.It serves as a unique handbook that aids an understanding of Japanese culture through its architecture, arts, crafts, cinema, and literature. It gives an insight into the essence of Japanese culture, identifying its specific qualities and characteristics from ukiyo-e to Tadao Ando. The author draws connections between art, ...]]>
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