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These spectacular images will transport you to a garden filled with the finest miniature plants. Fabio Petroni's vivid photographs capture 30 specially chosen bonsai close up and in surprising detail as they change with each season. You'll see as never before the grace of their outlines, the strong buds preparing to open, the delicacy of the flowers, and the perfection of every leaf.]]>
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Just Enough: Lessons in Living Green from Traditional Japan https:/ Azby Brown

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The world has changed immeasurably over the last thirty years, with more, bigger, better being the common mantra. But in the midst of this constantly evolving world, there is a growing community of people who are looking at our history, searching for answers to issues that are faced everywhere, such as energy, water, materials, food and population crisis. In "Just Enough," author Azby Brown turned to the history of Japan, where he finds a number of lessons on living in a ...]]>
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Japanese Garden Design Traditions and Techniques https:/ Charles Chesshire

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An inspiring history of the classical gardens of Japan and a practical study of their distinctive characteristics and design features, with 420 color photographs.]]>
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Houses and Gardens of Kyoto (Hardcover) https:/ Thomas Daniell

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For all the damage that has occurred over the centuries, for all the relentless and destructive modernization still taking place today, Kyoto, imperial capital for more than a millennium, remains a rich, inexhaustible archive of Japanese cultural history. "Houses and Gardens of Kyoto" introduces a broad array of Kyoto's traditional houses from every period of the city's history. They range from summer villas to townhouses, from monumental Buddhist temples to insubstantial garden ...]]>
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