Produse noi in categoria Albume - Ultimele aparitii. Sun, 26 Mar 2017 17:57:40 +0300 Sun, 26 Mar 2017 17:57:40 +0300 Copyright 2017 30 ro Batgirl: An Adult Coloring Book https:/ ****

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From Gotham City to Burnside, Batgirl swings into the spotlight as the newest addition to the DC coloring book line! Now you can color in some of your favorite scenes and characters from BATGIRL, who may being hanging out in Burnside with her famous cowl and her infamous yellow boots in BATGIRL: AN ADULT COLORING BOOK. Featuring art by Babs Tarr, Adam Hughes, Cameron Stewart, Carmine Infantino and more of the biggest names in comics. Color away and save the day with Batgirl!]]>
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Peace Dancer (Hardcover) https:/ Robert Budd

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The children of the Tsimshian village of Kitkatla love to play at being hunters, eager for their turn to join the grown-ups. But when they capture and mistreat a crow, the Chief of the Heavens, angered at their disrespect, brings down a powerful storm. The rain floods the Earth and villagers have no choice but to abandon their homes and flee to their canoes. As the seas rise, the villagers tie themselves to the top of Anchor Mountain, where they pray for days on end and promise to teach ...]]>
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Orca Chief (Hardcover) https:/ Robert Budd

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Orca Chief is the third in a series of Northwest Coast legends by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd. Their previous collaborations, Raven Brings the Light (2013) and Cloudwalker (2014), are award-winning national bestsellers. Thousands of years ago in the village of Kitkatla, four hunters leave home in the spring to harvest seaweed and sockeye. When they arrive at their fishing grounds, exhaustion makes them lazy and they throw their anchor overboard without care for the damage it might do ...]]>
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Storyteller: The Art of Roy Henry Vickers (Hardcover) https:/ Roy Henry Vickers

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Roy Henry Vickers is known around the world for his unique artistic style marked by clean lines, vivid colours and natural themes drawn from the rugged beauty of the west coast of British Columbia. Influenced by his Tsimshian, Haida, Heiltsuk and British heritage, Vickers unites the stylized forms of his aboriginal ancestry with the realism of European art, creating vibrant images that speak to a universal spirit. His limited edition prints can be found in homes, museums and galleries around the ...]]>
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Raven Brings the Light (Hardcover) https:/ Roy Henry Vickers

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In a time when darkness covered the land, a boy named Weget is born who is destined to bring the light. With the gift of a raven's skin that allows him to fly as well as transform, Weget turns into a bird and journeys from Haida Gwaii into the sky. There he finds the Chief of the Heavens who keeps the light in a box. By transforming himself into a pine needle, clever Weget tricks the Chief and escapes with the daylight back down to Earth. Vividly portrayed through the art of Roy Henry ...]]>
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The Elders Are Watching (Hardcover) https:/ David Bouchard

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As Native elders have advised from time immemorial, this is a gentle plea to respect the natural environment. When the award-winning poet David Bouchard first saw the artwork of First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers, he was struck by Vickers’ reverence for nature, the vibrancy of his colors, and his perceptive understanding of Canada's rugged West Coast. He saw in Vickers' images the perfect complement to his own lyrical, thoughtful poetry. They collaborated on the original ...]]>
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Cloudwalker (Hardcover) https:/ Roy Henry Vickers

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"Cloudwalker", describing the creation of the rivers, is the second in a series of Northwest Coast legends by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd. Their previous collaboration, "Raven Brings the Light (2013)", is a national bestseller. On British Columbia's northwest coast lies the Sacred Headwaters - the source of three of British Columbia's largest salmon-bearing rivers. These rivers are the source of life for all creatures in the area. But what gave life to the ...]]>
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The Spirit of the Sea (Hardcover) https:/ Rebecca Hainnu

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The creation story of one of the central figures in Inuit mythology.  This illustrated picture book tells the story of the spirit of the sea, known by many Inuktitut names including Nuliajuq, Sedna, and Takannaaluk, who is a key figure from the pantheon of Inuit lore. Sedna was once a young woman who refused to marry, but the lies and deception of a treacherous bird and her own father’s cowardice lead her to a life of solitude at the bottom of the ocean as the powerful, and at ...]]>
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Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie (Hardcover Deluxe Edition) https:/ Ralph McQuarrie

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Ralph McQuarrie is the most iconic artist in the history of Star Wars. He worked hand-in-hand with George Lucas to help establish the saga’s visual aesthetic, its inimitable look and feel. Beyond designing Darth Vader, C-3PO, and R2-D2, McQuarrie produced hundreds of pieces of Star Wars artwork, including conceptual paintings, costume designs, storyboards, and matte paintings, as well as posters, book covers, and album covers — even Lucasfilm’s annual holiday cards — all ...]]>
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The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains: Oddball Criminals from Comic Book History (Hardcover) https:/ Jon Morris

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Meet the lesser of all evils! Every hero needs a villain. But not all villains are dangerous—some are incompetent, comical, or just . . . weird. In his follow-up to The League of Regrettable Superheroes, author Jon Morris presents over a hundred of the strangest, most stupefying supervillains to ever see print in comics. Meet D-list rogues like Brickbat (choice of weapon: poisonous bricks), Robbing Hood (steals from the poor to give to the rich), Swarm (a crook made of bees; Nazi ...]]>
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Super Weird Heroes: Outrageous But Real! (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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SUPER Weird Heroes is the first superhero book from Yoe Books/IDW! Over 300 pages, this wacky tome is as thick as a brick!  Super WEIRD Heroes is the most bizarro, wacky, wild, astonishing eye-popping, jaw-dropping, book…   It’s loaded with beyond-belief “WHAT TH’?!?!” moments! Wait till you tell your friends what you discover in its pages! Super Weird HEROES will make you laugh, cry, and be immensely entertained! You’re going to witness ...]]>
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Comic Book Fever: A Celebration of Comics: 1976-1986 https:/ George Khoury

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GEORGE KHOURY (author of The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore and Kimota: The Miracleman Companion) presents a "love letter" to his personal golden age of comics, 1976-1986, covering all the things that made those comics great-the top artists, the coolest stories, and even the best ads! Inside this full-color softcover are new articles, interviews, and images about the people, places, characters, titles, moments, and good times that inspired and thrilled us in the Bronze Age: Neal ...]]>
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Peanuts: A Tribute to Charles M. Schulz https:/ ****

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The Peanuts gang seen through the eyes of today's greatest cartoonists in loving tribute to Charles Schulz. In celebration of Peanuts' 65th anniversary, BOOM! has teamed up with some of the greatest cartoonists of the last 50 years to put a personal spin on Charlie Brown, Snoopy and their beloved gang. This collectible Artbook features never-before seen art styles from Matt Groening (The Simpsons), Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son), Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Drama), Terry Moore ...]]>
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My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria presents, for the first time, a deep exploration of the art and illustrations from this beloved animated series, Friendship Is Magic. Beginning with the show’s premiere and taking readers through its fifth season, the book offers an amazing collection of the art and design that bring this wonderful series to life. The book takes readers behind the scenes of the show and explores how favorite characters and the landscape of Equestria came to look as they ...]]>
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Golden Age Illustrations of W. Heath Robinson https:/ William Heath Robinson

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Advances in technology are often accompanied by a flowering of creative expression, and the turn of the twentieth century witnessed exactly such union of art and commerce. The Golden Age of Illustration arose from improvements in printing techniques that introduced a sudden explosion of color in books and magazines. English artist William Heath Robinson (1872–1944) ranks among the era's most prominent illustrators, and this original anthology presents more than 100 of his Art ...]]>
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Masters&Legends of Fantasy Art: Techniques for Drawing, Painting&Digital Art from 36 Acclaimed Artists https:/ ****

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An ultimate guide to fantasy art techniques, advice and theory packed with the biggest names in fantasy art, including interviews, advice, and workshops from well-known artists. Includes a free CD with custom Photoshop brushes, free texture samples, and reference images. Discover how to paint classic fantasy, imaginative sci-fi, and comic art, with advice on how to tell visual stories, make inspired illustrations, and create strong characters using digital techniques. A core skills section ...]]>
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Swedish Fairy Tales https:/ ****

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These are stories filled with wicked magicians, troublesome trolls, teasing magpies, and solemn tomtar. In Swedish fairy tales, frogs become beautiful fairy girls, troll girls marry troll princes, kings transform into woodcutters, and little boys go searching for adventure in the forest. This collection of twenty-one marvelous tales includes: The Seven Wishes The Trolls and the Youngest Tomte The Changelings Leap the Elk and Little Princess Cottongrass The Queen.... And many ...]]>
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Swedish Folk Tales (Hardcover) https:/ ****

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This dazzling collection of twenty-nine illustrated stories includes: “When Mother Troll Took in the King’s Washing” by Elsa Beskow.  “The Magician’s Cape” by Anna Wahlenberg.  “Leap the Elk and the Little Princess Cottongrass” by Helge Kjellin.  “The Four Big Trolls and Little Peter Pastureman” by Cyrus Granér.  “The Trolls and the Youngest Tomte” by Alfred ...]]>
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Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' Stardust - Illustrated Version https:/ Neil Gaiman

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Winner of the American Library Award, Mythopoeic Award and World Fantasy Award for Best Artist! It is here in Wall that young Tristran Thorn loses his heart to the town beauty -- a woman who is as cold and distant as the star she and Tristran see fall from the sky on a crisp October evening. To gain the hand of his beloved, Tristran rashly vows to fetch the fallen star and embarks upon a lover's quest that will carry him over the ancient wall and into a world beyond his wildest ...]]>
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Blueberry Girl https:/ Neil Gaiman

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This is a prayer for a blueberry girl . . . A much-loved baby grows into a young woman: brave, adventurous, and lucky. Exploring, traveling, bathed in sunshine, surrounded by the wonders of the world. What every new parent or parent-to-be dreams of for her child, what every girl dreams of for herself. Let me go places that we've never been, trust and delight in her youth. Nationally bestselling author Neil Gaiman wrote Blueberry Girl for a friend who was about to become the ...]]>
Wed, 08 Feb 2017 12:44:36 +0200 https:/