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In Japanese Buddhism, twelve generals—the Juni Jinsho—stood guard over the cosmos at the points of the zodiac. But now they have vanished, and nothing stands between us and the forces of darkness, except Deva Zan, a samurai without a memory. To restore order to existence, he must marshal not only his own fighting skill, but find companions that can cross the boundaries of time and space—to join him in a battle that will stretch from the fields of ancient Japan, to the streets ...]]>
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The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy https:/ Yoshitaka Amano

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Previously available only as a part of the now sold-out The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Boxed Set, Dark Horse is pleased to offer fans another chance to own the three-book hardcover set The Sky I, II, and III, included in the new The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Slipcased Edition! Yoshitaka Amano is one of the world's foremost fantasy artists, and The Sky I, II, and III showcase Amano's ethereal illustrations for the first ten Final Fantasy games. Each hardcover book in The Sky ...]]>
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The Collected Art of Vampire Hunter D https:/ Yoshitaka Amano

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Since Dark Horse and Digital Manga Publishing started releasing English-language editions of the Vampire Hunter D novels in 2005, hundreds of thousands of new fans have clamored for more of the enigmatic monster slayer. Following on the heels of the highly successful retrospective Coffin, Dark Horse Books is pleased to present a new collection of paintings, line-art illustrations, and photography by internationally renowned artist and Vampire Hunter D character designer Yoshitaka Amano. This ...]]>
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The Tale of Genji https:/ Yoshitaka Amano

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Yoshitaka Amano has been praised around the world for his lush watercolors and evocative work dealing with myth and legend. In The Tale of Genji Mr. Amano brings his considerable talent to retelling one of the most famous of Japanese myths: written by Murasaki Shikibu shortly after 1000 AD and considered by most scholars to be the first novel ever written, The Tale of Genji is the story of the romantic adventures of Genji, the amazingly handsome prince and his many romantic conquests. Told ...]]>
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