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Harry Potter Pen Nimbus 2001 Broomstick 29 cm

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: Calling all Harry Potter fans! Have you ever longed to experience the thrill of flying on the legendary
broomsticks from the series? Well, now you can unleash your inner wizard and zoom across a paper page
with your very own Nimbus or Firebolt-inspired pens!
Beast Kingdom's "Entertainment Experience Brand" is launching a series of collectibles for fans to relive the
excitement of Quidditch matches with faithful replicas of Harry's very own Nimbus 2000 and even the more
advanced Nimbus 2001, owned by the notorious Draco Malfoy. Included in the series is also the ultimate
broomstick of them all - the Firebolt! This legendary broomstick was given to Harry by Sirius Black as a
Christmas present, quickly replacing his damaged Nimbus 2000. An impressive and highly sought-after
broomstick, it'ss fast and incredibly powerful.
Fans can enjoy exquisite craftsmanship with the utmost attention to detail in each pen, perfectly replicating
the appearance and intricate patterns of the broomsticks seen in the movies. As a special touch, the end of
each broomstick is designed to be detachable, revealing a fully functional pen! Choose your favorite
broomstick and join Harry and his friends as they soar through the skies of Hogwarts and onto a notepad
near you!