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Doctor Who Exterminate! Miniatures Ice Warriors *English Version*

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Descriere: Pack with 5 metal miniatures for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game "Exterminate!" (available seperately: WG601510001)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Ice Warriors, natives of the planet Mars, are large, imposing bipedal reptilians, housed inside biomechanical armour and armed with sonic weaponry. In the year 3000, on an Earth in the midst of a second Ice Age, a Martian spaceship is discovered frozen in the ice, housing several Ice Warriors who laid dormant for thousands of years.

Later in the 30th Century, the Ice Warriors invaded Earth, trying to change the planet's atmosphere to make it suitable for their habitation, but their plan was thwarted by the Doctor. During the 40th Century, their race eventually became peaceful, choosing to join a Galactic Federation of Earth, Mars and other planets.

This boxed set contains five highly detailed pewter Ice Warrior figures, based on their appearance in the 2017 episode Empress of Mars.

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