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Dark Souls The Board Game: Darkroot Basind and Iron Keep Gaming Tile Set

Tineri (16+)
Data lansarii:
108,50 Lei
In stoc furnizor
Estimare livrare: 19.04.20 - 28.04.20
Descriere: Eerie sounds echo through the Darkroot, unsettling to even the bravest of heroes. It is a dangerous place; hidden adversaries prowl the wooded glades, and even the very plants are hostile to the unwary. Your other destination is no less imposing. The cursed walls of the Iron Keep stand in monument to the folly of man, the treacherous approach only surpassed by the horrors lurking within. Are you really so bold or foolish to venture to such places?

Enhance your Dark Souls™: The Board Game experience with the Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep Game Tile Set - the ultimate way to theme your games to one of these two iconic locations from the Dark Souls™ franchise.


· 9 double-sided Darkroot Basin and Iron Keep Game Tiles

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