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The LEGO Movie 2 - Emmet's Thricycle!

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: Can you stop an alien invasion? Take your master-building skills to new heights and play out scenes from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ with Emmet's Thricycle! Pump gas into this super-tall three-wheeler at the fuel station. Fire a wheel rim at the alien invader with the catapult. Then jump into the Thricycle's driver's seat and escape!nn- Includes a new-for-January-2019 Emmet minifigure, plus a brick-built alien invader with a chomping mouth and rotating eye. n- Emmet's Thricycle features a minifigure seat, 3 rubber tyres, foldout stabilisers and Emmet's best friend Planty (brick-built). n- Easy-to-build fuel station features a toy gas pump with a hose, wheel-rim catapult function and a parking spot for the Thricycle. n- Fold out the Thricycle's stabilisers so it can stand on its own. n- Launch the wheel rim at the alien with the catapult toy. n- Recreate scenes from THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ with this fun-packed creative toy. n- Emmet's Thricycle construction vehicle toy measures over 6 (16cm) high, 2 (7cm) long and 1 (3cm) wide. n- Fuel station measures over 2 (7cm) high, 4 (11cm) wide and 3 (9cm) deep.nnAges: 7+nPieces: 174

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