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In aceasta perioada dificila companiile care ne aduc marfa de la furnizorii nostri din SUA si Anglia anunta intarzieri semnificative. Din acest motiv apar frecvent intarzieri in livrarea comenzilor. Ne cerem scuze si va multumim pentru intelegere.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Statue Michaelangelo 31 cm

Tineri (16+)
Data lansarii:
Descriere: Cowabunga dudes! Michelangelo, the youngest turtle, is known for his bright orange bandana, dual numchucks, and his undying love for pizza. Despite being the baby of the group, many suspect Mikey to possess more raw talent than his three brothers combined.

Bringing a carefree attitude to the TMNT brotherhood, Mikey is prone to goofing off instead of focusing on his training. However, he is praised by Master Splinter and his brothers for being able to taunt and antagonise his opponents to beat them.

For display versatility, Mikey features an additional head sculpt to show his more playful side. Don't miss out on Ikon's final Turtle release of the TMNT series!

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