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Critical Role Art Print Fjord Refjorged 46 x 61 cm - unframed

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Livrare estimata pentru 06 Apr - 13 Apr
Descriere: Sideshow Art Prints presents the Fjord Refjorged Fine Art Print, nautical new Critical Role artwork by artist Couple of Kooks that embodies the evolution of the Mighty Nein's sword-wielding sailor.

As the Wildmother watches over the seas at Nicodranas, Fjord finds himself with renewed purpose and a reformed blade as a member of the Mighty Nein. Previously pledging his sword to the wicked leviathan Uk'otoa, he now wields Dwueth'var, the Star Razor, as a divine exemplar of the goddess of wilderness and sea. Her healing waters cascade over the cliffs behind Fjord while ominous tentacles beneath the waves remind the charismatic captain that his past remains tangled in darker tides.

Each Fjord Refjorged Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the Critical Role collection from Sideshow. Available as an unframed giclée or in a custom framed presentation, this Mighty Nein art print makes an inspiring addition to any Critter's collection. Pair this print with the Fjord - Mighty Nein Statue by Sideshow, sold separately, for an even more powerful pairing on your shelf.

Take charge of your destiny and add the Fjord Refjorged Fine Art Print by artist Couple of Kooks to your party of Critical Role art prints today!

Print details:

- Produs cu licenta oficiala by Critical Role
- 46 x 61 cm fine art giclée print
- 100% cotton, acid-free, smooth Mint Fine Art Paper 260GSM
- Epson archival inks
- An authorized, automated signature
- Embossed seal of authenticity