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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Season 2 Complete Collection - Episodes 50-98)DVD

Tineri (16+)
Fara subtitrare in limba romana
17 ore 09 minute
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116,50 Lei
In stoc furnizor
Estimare livrare: 01 Nov - 06 Nov
Descriere: Acest film nu are subtitrare in limba romana.
All 49 episodes from the second season of the animated series based on the manga by Shin Yoshida. Young Yuuma Tsukumo (voice of Eli James) wants to become a skilled Duel Monsters duellist and is offered a chance to do just that when he struggles to defeat a bully and recover the cards he stole from a friend. A mysterious spirit called Astral (Marc Thompson) appears and helps Yuuma defeat the bully and asks for Yuuma's help in recovering the 99 special cards called numbers, which are in fact fragments of Astral's memories. Together they set out to recover the cards and prevent them from being misused. The episodes are: 'Party Panic', 'Roller Duel', 'Roller Coaster Rampage!', 'Test Your Luck!', 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Portal of Doom', 'Cosmic Chaos', 'Depths of Darkness', 'Swimming With Sharks', 'Rockin' and Rollin'', 'Doctor Visit', 'Duel of Destiny: Part 1', 'Duel of Destiny: Part 2', 'The Hart of the Matter', 'Change of Hart', 'Sphere of Fear: Part 1', 'Sphere of Fear: Part 2', 'Sphere of Fear: Part 3', 'The Countdown Begins', 'A Trio's Challenge: Part 1', 'A Trio's Challenge: Part 2', 'A Trio's Challenge: Part 3', 'Kite's Plight: Part 1', 'Kite's Plight: Part 2', 'Attack of the Barians: Part 1', 'Attack of the Barians: Part 2', 'Hard Knox', 'Rule Duel', 'The Adventures of Artimus Stanleyus', 'Doom in Bloom', 'Rivals in the Ring', 'The Friendship Games', 'Sphere Cube Calamity: Part 1', 'Sphere Cube Calamity: Part 2', 'Playing Defense', 'Counter Offensive: Part 1', 'Counter Offensive: Part 2', 'Dual Duel: Part 1', 'Dual Duel: Part 2', 'Darkness Dawns', 'You Give Love a Bot Name', 'Take a Chance', 'An Imperfect Couple: Part 1', 'An Imperfect Couple: Part 2', 'Enter Vector', 'The Search for Shadows', 'Shadows of Deception', 'Sinister Shadows' and 'Shadows End'.

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