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One Piece: Collection 26 2014 DVD / Box Set

N-15 (Nerecomandat sub 15 ani)
Fara subtitrare in limba romana
10 ore 45 minute
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184,50 Lei
In stoc furnizor
Livrare estimata pentru 17 Jul - 27 Jul
Descriere: Acest film nu are subtitrare in limba romana.
Episodes 615-641 of the Japanese anime that follows the adventures of a boy who sets out to become a pirate. Like many others before him, Monkey D. Luffy (voice of Mayumi Tanaka) is obsessed by the tale of the treasure horde called One Piece, reputedly buried by the Pirate King Gol D. Roger before his execution. Armed with only his irrepressible nature, Luffy sets out to become a pirate in the dangerous waters of the Grand Line, and it isn't long before he has his own crew of ruffians, a ship and a navy fleet on his trail as he searches for the treasure that will crown him the new king of the pirates. The episodes are: 'Brownbeard in Grief! Luffy Lands a Furious Blow!', 'A Surprising Outcome! Smoker Vs Vergo!', 'Caesar's Defeat! The Powerful Grizzly Magnum!', 'Raid! An Assassin from Dressrosa!', 'Running Wild! Invincible General Franky!', 'A Critical Situation! Punk Hazard Explodes!', 'Capture Caesar! General Cannon Blasts!', 'A Touching Reunion! Momonosuke and Kin'emon!', 'It's Time to Say Goodbye! Leaving Punk Hazard!', 'The G-5 Wipes Out! Doflamingo's Sudden Attack!', 'Intense! Aokiji Vs Doflamingo!', 'Caesar Goes Missing! The Pirate Alliance Makes a Sortie!', 'Luffy Dies At Sea?! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart!', 'A Major Turnaround! Luffy's Angry Iron Fist Strikes!', 'Startling! The Big News Shakes Up the New World!', 'Explore! A Kingdom of Love and Passion Dressrosa!', 'Full of Enthusiasm! The Corrida Colosseum!', 'A Dangerous Love! The Dancer Girl - Violet!', 'A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! Here Comes Lucy!', 'A Pirate Noble! Cavendish!', 'The Fateful Reunion! Bellamy the Hyena!', 'A Super Rookie! Bartolomeo the Cannibal!', 'Big Names Duke It Out! The Heated Block B Battle!', 'A Deadly Blow! The Astonishing King Punch!', 'The Fighting Fish Strike! Across the Deadly Iron Bridge!', 'Explore! Fairies' Island - Green Bit!' and 'The Unknown World! The Tontatta Kingdom!'.