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Spice and Wolf PVC Statue 1/8 Holo 10th Anniversary Ver. 21 cm

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: To commemorate Spice and Wolf's 10th anniversary, a specially drawn illustration of Holo by creator Juu Ayakura has been brought into figure-form! While maintaining the intricate detail and soft atmosphere of the original illustration, her lively motion has been captured with great care, to the point where it feels like could come alive at any moment!

Her gentle stride, fluttering skirt, flaxen hair blowing in the wind, and smooth, clear skin are just some of the highlights of this figure. Translucent parts are utilized for a part of her clothes, while intricate attention to detail can be seen in small parts like the wooden mug and sachet necklace, created faithfully according to the original illustration. The fine details can be enjoyed from any angle, so be sure to add her to your collection and see for yourself!

The 1/8-scaled statue is made of PVC and measures approx. 21 cm in height. It ships in a japanese window box.