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Hellboy Mantic Series PVC Statue Giant Robot Hellboy 30 cm

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: Dark Horse Direct and Mike Mignola are proud to present the next premium statue based on the Mantic Games limited-edition miniature for the best-selling Kickstarter game, Hellboy: The Board Game! Introducing Giant Robot Hellboy!

This exclusive statue was meticulously sculpted by the creative team at Mantic Games and painted as if to look like the day it was built. Wielding his massive mechanical Right Hand of Doom, Giant Robot Hellboy stands approximately 12 inches tall on a demolished city base approximately 6 inches wide.

Kaiju be warned, Giant Robot Hellboy is here!

A brief history of Giant Robot Hellboy:

Discovered in a cave in Japan in 1972-Apparently built by a secret group of Japanese scientists (purpose unknown) and abandoned in the 1950's. Turned over to the American government as a worthless curiosity after examination showed no sign of how to operate it and apparently no power source.

It was eventually discovered by accident that if Hellboy could be put into a deep trance, he could mentally "inhabit" the robot and bring it to "life". Retired carnival hypnotist Gordy Sloke has more luck than anyone at performing the trick of transferring Hellboy's mind into the Robot. A difficult operation and not one that HB enjoys, but something that can be attempted in the most dire emergency situations.