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Armored Core Fine Scale Model Kit 1/72 Mirage C04-Atlas Fox Eye 15 cm

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: Entering a new generation of the V.I. series!
The overwhelming volume and evolution of the ARMORED CORE plastic kit series arrives at MIRAGE C04-ATLAS FOXEYE Ver., from LAST RAVEN and NEXUS and instantly recognizable to any fan of LAST RAVEN.

In LAST RAVEN, Vertex does battle with The Alliance. The Vertex forces are led by a charismatic Raven, and while he has passed his peak as a Raven, he still has the highest bounty on his head.

Equipped with the weapon voted most popular in the game, the WH04HL-KRSW, as standard issue, this AC also features missile pods on both shoulders, an openable back booster, and all-new innovative shoulder and leg articulation!

The use of poly caps allows for a wide range of motion and the multi-colored (including clear) runners allow users to assemble a model faithful to the original game's design right out of the box.
The kit is compatible with other existing ACs and NEXTs from the V.I. series, allowing users to swap out parts.