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Brave Exkaiser D-Style Model Kit King Exkaiser 11 cm

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: From THE BRAVE FIGHTER EXKIZER, KING EXKAISER, the main robot of the unforgettable first Brave series joins the D-STYLE lineup!

Exkaiser comes fully equipped with the ability to transform from car mode to robot mode.

He can also combine with King Loader to form King Exkaiser.

The kit includes a Kaiser Shot shuriken. His deadly Kaiser Sword is also included as a stored version and a fully expanded version.

While still being in a chibi size, this model fully recreates all of the features that make King Exkaiser so iconic.

The kit is made of multi-colored plastic, utilizes clear parts, and also contains pre-painted parts, making it easy for users of all levels to assemble King Exkaiser as he appears in the series.

Model Specifications:
·Exkaiser can transform into car mode. He can also transform and combine with King Loader to form King Exkaiser.
·Exkaiser can link to and tow King Loader while in car mode.
·The stored version of the Kaiser Sword can be put into the rack on the side of the right leg.
·Kaiser Shot is included. Inserting the shuriken into the firing slots located on either forearm allows users to recreate firing scenes.
·Parts are included that can be swapped out to recreate the mode change (Breast Change) of Exkaiser's lion on his chest.
·Exkaiser's camera eyes and the eyes of the lion on his chest utilize clear parts.
·The camera at the top of King Exkaiser's head, camera eyes, and the eyes of the lion on his chest have been recreated with clear parts.
·The shading of King Exkaiser's eyes with a matte black has been recreated with pre-painted parts.
·The blue pattern on both of King Exkaiser's shoulders has been recreated with pre-painted parts.
·The windows of Exkaiser in car mode have been recreated with partially pre-painted parts.