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Armored Core For Answer D-Style Model Kit Rosenthal Cr-Hogire Noblesse Oblige 11 cm

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Descriere: Rosenthal's signature AC joins the D-STYLE series!

The third addition to the ARMORED CORE D-Style series is the popular Noblesse Oblige that appeared in both ARMORED CORE 4 and ARMORED CORE for Answer!

One of the AC's most iconic features, its back-mounted EC-O307AB Laser Cannon, can be deployed using replacement parts.
Also included is the EB-O305 Laser Blade and two assault rifles, the MR-R100R and MR-R102, making display as both the ARMORED CORE 4 version and the ARMORED CORE for Answer version possible.
The camera eye inside the visor has been designed and sculpted with a low part count for ease of assembly while retaining a high level of detail.

Naturally, this kit also includes the interchangeable feature that is one of the highlights of the ARMORED CORE models, and can mix and match parts and weapons from the previously released D-Style White-Glint and D-Style Aaliyah Supplice models.

This affordable, compact, partially pre-painted multi-color kit makes the perfect addition to any collection.