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Alien 3 Exquisite Mini Action Figure 1/18 Dog Alien (Look Up) 11 cm

Tineri (16+)
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Descriere: She's faced down the xenomorph threat twice. But now Ellen Ripley has entered her most threatening environment yet: stranded on a decrepit prison planet with the galaxy's most antisocial criminals as company. She soon discovers that she's not the only survivor of the LV-426 massacre. She's brought an alien with her!

Hiya Toys presents its second design from 1992's Alien3. The Dog Alien was conceived by director David Fincher to be quadrapedal, "more of a puma, or a beast" than the previous styles from Alien and Aliens. Designed by Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis, the Dog Alien features a more slender, animalistic look that perfectly suits the darker tone of the third film in the Alien series.

This 1:18 scale figure (app. 4" tall) comes with a specially-designed head and neck system which allows for greater range of motion, multiple hands as well as a stand for posing.

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