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Sex Criminals: The Complete Edition (comics)

Tineri (16+)
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B5 (aprox 17cm x 25cm)
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All 31 award-winning, headline-grabbing, head-spinning, genre-defying issues of SEX CRIMINALS collected in one soft unthreatening volume celebrating its tenth-ish anniversary.

Bonnie & Clyde meets The 40-Year-Old Virgin by way of When Harry Met Sallyonly none of these orgasms are fake!

When Suzie and Jon have sex, time stops. Literally. So they have lots of sex, fall in love, and eventually start robbing banks.

Until they find out they're not alone

Collects Sex Criminals issues # 1- #30 & the one-shot special issue #69.

Select praise & accolades for the Sex Criminals series:

* Eisner Award winning Best New Series *
* Harvey Award winning Best New Series *
* #1 New York Times Bestseller *
* #1 Amazon Bestseller: Literary Graphic Novels *
* Entertainment Weekly's Must List *
* Publishers Weekly Bestseller *

';Fraction's best work yet. It's a precision-tuned screwball comedy on its surface, and that surface is gorgeous, thanks to Zdarsky's ace sense of design and inventive color technique.' TIME

';An honest, heartfelt story about relationships that was more John Hughes than John Holmes.' USA Today

';Sex comedies usually focus on the pursuit of orgasm; the writer Matt Fraction and the artist Chip Zdarsky have devised an ingenious one about the stillness that follows it. Zdarsky's fluid, brightly hued artwork is dense with smutty gags, but this is a deeper, more understated comedy than it initially seems.' The New York Times

';Wildly imaginative, randy and true with characters whose sexual satisfaction freezes time and facilitates crime.

Artist Zdarsky's staging, storytelling and character designs make this even crazier. Great fun!' The Miami Herald

';A sex comedy with a splash of crime thriller, the title is a fascinating examination of the pleasures and pitfalls of intimate relationships, using the central fantastic conceit as a metaphor for the way sex distances people but also, under the right circumstances, brings them together.' The A.V. Club

';I wouldn't trust most comic creators to turn a sexual awakening into compelling pulp fiction, but Fraction and Zdarsky pull it off masterfully.' PASTE

';Sex Criminals is just amazing.

If this isnt on your pull list you have to get it.' io9

';Sex Criminals is not just one of the best comics I've ever read, it's one of the best things I've ever read, period.' Wil Wheaton, actor

';The best debut of 2013' RollingStone