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Human Body Theater: A Non-Fiction Revue (Hardcover) (comics)

Adolescenti (13+)
Nr. de pagini:
B5 (aprox 17cm x 25cm)
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81,50 Lei
Pret lista: 86,50 Lei
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Estimare livrare: 09 Oct - 14 Oct

Maris Wicks has harnessed the power of her various biological systems to draw comics for Adhouse Books, Tugboat Press, and Spongebob Comics, and has written stories for Image and DC Comics. Maris Wicks is the author of "Human Body Theater" and the illustrator of New York Times bestselling "Primates", with Jim Ottaviani. When Maris Wicks is not drawing comics, she can be found prepping slides for her collection of vintage microscopes. She's especially proud of her pulmonary system.

Welcome to the "Human Body Theater", where your master of ceremonies is going to lead you through a theatrical revue of each and every biological system of the human body! Starting out as a skeleton, the MC puts on a new layer of her costume (her body) with each "act." By turns goofy and intensely informative, the "Human Body Theater" is always accessible and always entertaining.

Maris Wicks is a biology nerd, and by the time you've read this book, you will be too! Harnessing her passion for science (and her background as a science educator for elementary and middle-school students), she has created a comics-format introduction to the human body that will make an expert of any reader -- young or old! From bones to skin and everything in between, "Human Body Theater" takes readers on a fascinating and highly educational tour of the human body in comics format! 

Chapter Titles:

- Act One: The Skeletal System

- Act Two: The Muscular System

- Act Three: The Respiratory System

- Act Four: The Cardiovascular System

- Act Five: The Digestive System

- Act Six: The Excretory System

- Act Seven: The Enocrine System

- Act Eight: The Reproductive System

- Act Nine: The Immune System

- Act Ten: The Nervous System

- Act Eleven: Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight, and Touch

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