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Strangers 5 (comics)

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B5 (aprox 17cm x 25cm)
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DICK DEMON is a descendant of Gal, the first Lord of theTwilight People, fugitives from another universe... STORMSHADOW is the powerful shaman of the Twilight People... STARCYB is a servant of the Towers, supremely powerful cosmic entities and ancient enemies of the Twilight People... MORGANE is a witch, descended from the legendary Morgan Le Fey... ZEMBLA is the Lord of the Lions, king of the jungles of Karunda...RICKY ROX is a young genius who developed a device that creates a field that temporarily places him outside of time...
These characters, all "strangers" to Earth, are brought together by TANKA, a former jungle lord who has been recruited by entities from our planet's farthest future to be their "time agent" and is now empowered to protect our world from extra-terrestrial menaces.

In this fifth volume of Strangers, the quest for the all-powerful Kera Weapon continues... The demonic KRUGE, usurper of the Twilight Throne, seeks to acquire it in order to consolidate its power. Helped by STORMSHADOW and the witch MORGANE, DICK DEMON is the first to find the clues to the location of Kera in the strange and indescribable Mirrorverse... Meanwhile, Kruge uses TANKA and STARCYB for a brutal assault against the forces of Twilight... Then, TANKA and MORGANE must invade the kingdom of Shivar, the merciless Lord of the Abyss... Finally, STARCYB, ZEMBLA and the PATROL OF THE DEPTHS enter the underground world of Kamandur, where the search for Kera brings them into conflict with the Mods and the Gheos, and their champion, the powerful WAZILLA... Guest-starring: the TIME BRIGADE, RICKY ROX and LUCIFER.

This incredible journey to the edge of reality in fabulous and demonic universes is superbly drawn by Manuel Martin Peniche.

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