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Spy Island (comics)

Tineri (16+)
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B5 (aprox 17cm x 25cm)
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The new graphic novel from the team behind bestseller Man-Eaters is a terrifying, sexy, and thought-provoking espionage thriller-that also happens to be laugh-out-loud funny!

The world's best spies keep watch over the Bermuda Triangle from a mysterious island outpost teeming with supernatural intrigue, monsters, and evil villains set on global domination. The best of these spies is named Nora Freud (no relation). She knows eighty-seven ways to kill someone with a cocktail toothpick, and she's used thirty-two of them. Lately though, Nora has started to feel like she's going through the motions. Close the temporal portal. Assassinate the genocidal maniac. Have sex with the MI-6 agent. Plus, the island has gotten kind of touristy. She agrees to one last mission. But when Nora's troubled marine cryptozoologist sister shows up unexpectedly, warning of mermaid attacks, Nora realizes that boredom is not her biggest problem.

Laugh-out-loud funny, terrifying, sexy, and philosophical, Spy Island is the perfect comic book for anyone who enjoys travel, chardonnay, krakens, Atlantis, volcanos, scuba diving, mermaids, ghost pirates, tropical espionage, secret agents, and/or island-casual Sean Connery.*

*Sponsored by the Bermuda Triangle Chamber of Commerce.

Spy Island was created by NYT best-selling author, Chelsea Cain, writer of the Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell thrillers, as well as One Kick, which was adapted for television starring Chris Noth. Her previous comics include Man-Eaters (Image) and Mockingbird (Marvel), both nominated for Eisner Awards.

Spy Island is co-created by Lia Miternique--cocreator of Man-Eaters and illustrator of The Hippie Handbook (Chronicle), Does This Cape Make Me Look Fat (Chronicle), and Confessions of a Teen Sleuth (Bloomsbury). Spy Island also reunites the entire Man-Eaters creative team, including Elise McCall, Rachelle Rosenberg, Joe Caramagna, Eliza Fantastic Mohan, Stella Greenvoss, Emily Powell, and Liv Osborn.