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Naomi - A Novel

Adolescenti (13+)
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A4 (aprox 21cm x 29cm)
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The Westernization of a Japanese bar girl spells trouble for her husband. "Charm, lucidity, fascination with perverse passion and relentless emotional honesty . . . are all here in subtle force. Naomi is the first English translation of Tanizaki's first important novel (originally serialized in Japanese in 1924-25). It is a subtle adaptation to a Japanese setting of the basic story in Maugham's Of Human Bondage . Joji, the narrator, finds Naomi, a girl half his age, working in a cafe. He takes her to live with him, tries to groom her (with English and music lessons), indulges her whims, encourages her ``Western'' ways, and eventually marries her. She becomes a torment to him, but he is so obsessed with her that he tolerates even her infidelities as long as she will stay with him. The recurrent theme in Tanizaki's novels of the danger in sexual fascination may here represent a self-criticism of his youthful preoccupation with things Western.

"Immensely satisfying." -- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"In a class with Lady Chatterley's Lover and Lolita... Powerfully erotic, direly funny, a great novelist's masterpiece." -- Booklist

"Tanizaki's prose is clean and inviting and the character of Joji exquisitely drawn, his uncomprehending guilelessness the perfect tool for the author's deft cross-cultural thrusts." -- The Washington Post Book World

"The experience of reading it is scandalously good." -- The Village Voice

"To read Naomi as anything but a shrewd commentary on Japan's infatuation with the West is to trivialize the author's resourcefulness and Japan's predicament... A handsome addition to the steadily increasing library of Japanese literature in English." -- The New York Times Book Review

Na-o-mi. The three syllables of this name, unusual in 1920s Japan, captivate a 28-year-old engineer, who soon becomes infatuated with the girl so named, a teenaged cafe waitress. Drawn to her Eurasian features and innocent demeanor, Joji is eager to whisk young Naomi away from the seamy underbelly of post--World War I Tokyo and to mold her into his ideal wife. But when the two come together to indulge their shared passion for Western culture, Joji discovers that Naomi is far from being the naive girl of his fantasies, and his passion descends into a comically helpless masochism.
A literary masterpiece that helped to establish Junichiro Tanizaki as Japan's greatest novelist, Naomi" "is both a hilarious story of one man's obsession and torment, and a brilliant evocation of a nation's cultural confusion.

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